Jeffrey Fidel, MD,  a board-certified diagnostic radiologist, graduated Medical School from Tulane University and completed his residency and MRI fellowship at the University of Miami in Florida.

He is the author of the book 1(one): unnameable (Available on, Click Here to buy it) – A memoir of his mental suffering in solitude and inward journey to discover the intelligence of the heart and the non-dual (non-separate) nature of the universe.  


Dr. Fidel refused to live medicated for Bipolar Type I disorder and discovered, through his suffering, that identification with thought is the most significant contributing cause to mental distress. 

His work bridges the gap between science and spirituality.  

He offers online sessions to help people discover their “essence” nature – a peaceful state of pure awareness that remains present as the witness of the thinking mind.

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  • Remain present
  • Break disturbing cyclical thought processes
  • Feel again
  • Forgive within
  • Heal within
  • Learn nonduality
  • Explore your Universe within…

I: unnameable

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