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I used to think that love was something that I could only acquire from outside of myself
Ever since I was a little boy, I remember performing activities to gain the love and approval of others
Whether it be my parents or the significant others in my life
This same theme of acquiring love and affection from outside of myself carried on into my adult life
So what is different now?
I now know that I must love myself first
Now that I truly love myself, I can extend my love to others
The force that permeates throughout the “universe” (of which “I” am a part of)  is LOVE
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Asking Ourselves: How can “I” be an “I”

Language can be useful, however it can also be reductive
When we ask ourself, “who am I?”, what are we asking?
Can language ever explain essence
Can “I” be composed of words
Can an instruction manual of words be used to reconstruct the “I” that we are
Can our mind figure out the “I” that we are?
There are no words to describe the “I” that we are
There are no words to describe the “self” that we are
In the end, the “I” is just our minds’ attempt to figure out what is ultimately unknowable
So who is “I”
“I” is a part of the whole of existence itself
“I” cannot be taken out of existence
“I” and “Existence” are ONE
Only our minds’  can separate two concepts called  “I” and “Existence”
There are no words available to accurately describe the “isness” of either “I” and “existence”
“isness” just is
 “I” is a part of this “isness”
“I” is simply our minds’ own creation
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Meditation usually brings forth the mental image of a person sitting still with one’s eyes closed

Meditation is not an activity to escape life

Stillness allows our thoughts to subside

Stillness allows the muddy water within our mind to clear so we can listen to our heart

So, when can we meditate?

Every moment

Life is our meditation

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The Answer Within

I used to think that I can figure myself out with the thoughts in my mind

This is a tall feat when one considers the complexity of a human being

Combine this with trying to figure out the universe around you

My ideas of who I was, or what the universe was were certainly my own

If I asked another person, I got another response

In the end,  I was stuck with nothing more than differences in thoughts or beliefs which are contained within each individual’s mind (including my own)

So, how did I figure myself out?

By no longer trying to figure myself out

I remained completely still

I listened to the voice of consciousness itself

The voice that permeates throughout the so-called named “universe”, which “I” (along with all others whether they are aware of it, or not) are woven into

So, just like the Tao, so am “I”

The “I” that can be named is not the “I” that “I” am

“I” am not the “I” that  “I” think “I” am

“I” am a part of the entirety of “existence” itself

“I” am unknowable

“I” am unnamable

I found this answer within myself

The answer is also inside of you

It’s in our heart


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How Present Are We?

The present moment will ALWAYS be the only moment where existence occurs

What we bring into the present moment is important

Do we want to come into each moment with the mind’s creation of the baggage of our past?

Do we want to come into the present moment with the mind’s creation of the future baggage which has not yet happened to us?


We can enter each present moment with no mental baggage

This is non attachment

Each moment is a lifetime in and of itself

we can choose to live each moment in this pristine state

“we” the experiencer and “that” which is being experienced merge together in perfect unison

The “we” and “the present moment” become “one”

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