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6 Steps on how to know ourselves as the universe

Step 1: Admit we know nothing by surrendering our acquired beliefs
Step 2: Still our minds
Step 3: Accept the voice from our heart as our teacher
Step 4: Be Essence
Step 5: Accept All
Step 6: Be Present Always

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We are essence?

What does it mean that we are essence?

It means that a thought of essence is not essence.

We are not who we think we are.

We just are.

Quiet the mind.

Just be essence.

Essence is now aware.

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Figuring out our brain with our brains’

When we use our brains to figure out our brains, we are left with thoughts of trying to figure out “that which thinks”.

“That which thinks” continues to think that it can figure itself out.

What we are left with are more and more thoughts of “that which thinks.”

A thought of “that which thinks” can never be the actual “that which thinks”.

Therefore, the “that which thinks” is intrinsically unknowable.

So please, stop thinking!   🙂

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Thought is like a car’s horn

The mental voice in our head named “thought” is like a car’s horn.  When we hear this mental voice, it is all to easy to believe that we are the horn itself.  In reality, we are the entire car and the horn is merely the sound that we hear in our minds.

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