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Start being such a baby

By returning our minds back to the blank slates that they started off as

Free of all acquired thoughts and beliefs

No hatred, just pure innocence and love

Our original Selves

This is who we all truly are

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Sleep, Anesthesia and Being Knocked Out

What do sleep, anesthesia and being knocked have in common?

Our minds lose awareness in these states…….Yet our existence goes on

So when we wake up…….We are aware

The existence is becoming aware of itself through us

The universe is waking up


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The Thought Filter

Thought can be like a narrative filter, labelling and judging all around
When we remove the filter by quieting our mind, the naked truth begins to appear before us
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Our Brain Self vs. Our Heart Self

When we are in our brains, we are concepts of ourselves

When we we are in our hearts, we are truly ourselves

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What are the Limitations of Psychiatric Medications

Psychiatric Medications are limited because they do not address the etiology of the patient’s suffering.  The etiology of the patient’s suffering is their being’s (both inside and outside of the mind) identification with and their reaction to the thoughts within their mind.  The medications only serve to numb the mind.
Patients must learn to feel again.  If they are subconsciously afraid to bring their minds attention to places outside of their mind (i.e. to feel “heartbreak” again), they will remain trapped in their mind for life.  They will therefore likely remain dependent upon talking to others (i.e. doctors) and taking mind numbing medications for life.
“Feeling is Healing”
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Forgiveness – Only We Can Give Ourselves This Medicine

When we forgive inside of ourselves, we release our mental perception that we have wronged (guilt) or someone else (anger) has wronged us

When our mind’s hold onto the perception of guilt and anger, we are the only ones that suffer

By reacting to these guilty and angry thoughts, our entire bodies are effected since this rage keeps us in a constant “fight or flight” state

Our bodies remain in a state of sympathetic overdrive with every organ (heart, intestines, kidneys, etc.) being effected in an adverse way

When we forgive, we begin to release this poison within

No one else can forgive for us

We are the only ones that can give ourselve this medicine called forgiveness


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What is Mental Illness?

“Mental Illness” does not require a diagnosis by a doctor.  “Mental Illness” is a created label to describe a state of mind that results in the unconscious behavior of a human being. It is any human being’s (medicated or non-medicated) persistent unhealthy reaction/action to their own thoughts. Unfortunately, many times an individual will take action on their own thoughts and we can see this on both the individual (suicide, murder) and societal (war, genocide) scale.

All Human Beings are equal.  We are all born into this world as beings with our minds like “blank slates.”  Essentially, the only thing that separates one human from another is the belief system or thoughts that become acquired in our minds as we grow up.

“We are not our thoughts, but rather, we are the beings that think”

“No human being can be defined by a label”

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Who Are We?

We all grow up as beings

We beings later begin to learn who we are

But, learning who we are is not who we are

Its only who we think we are

The being is always who we are



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The Teachings of “Inner Healing” for Mental Suffering

The Teachings of “Inner Healing” for Mental Suffering

By Jeffrey Fidel, MD

The practice of “Internal Forgiveness”

Suffering individuals may be taught methods to break their disturbing cycling thought processes.  In order to achieve this, the individuals themselves can learn to “let go of” or “forgive” any mental perception (that they are likely holding onto), that they have been wronged by their caregivers and/or other members of society.  Similarly, they can learn to “let go of” or “forgive” any mental perception that they have in some way failed to live up to fulfilling their own role to their caregivers and/or other members of society.  The individual’s own mental perception of themselves, and the world around them, ultimately determines how much inner peace they will achieve “inside of themselves.” 

The practice of “Internal Feeling”

Suffering individuals may be taught to “internally feel” areas of “discomfort” within their body.  They can learn to bring their mind’s attention away from repetitive thoughts within their mind and redirect their mind’s attention towards feeling areas of “discomfort” within their bodies.  By learning the process of “internal feeling,”  they will start to lose their fear of feeling any “unfamiliar” sensations within their body.  This therapy of “internal feeling” will also help break the cyclical thought processes that are confined to their mind since the mind’s attention will now be directed to the perceived “discomfort” area of the body (outside of the mind.)

“Inner healing” occurs both inside and outside of the thinking mind

As health providers, we can assist suffering individuals to commence their own journey of “inner healing” which occurs throughout the human being — both inside and outside of the confines of the thinking mind.

In the end, no matter what doctors or scientists decide to label a state of mind, it is the individual’s identification with and their response to their own thoughts that is the cause their suffering. The choice is ultimately up to the suffering individual to perform their own “internal forgiveness” and “internal feeling” so that they may commence their own “inner healing.”

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Loving, Accepting and Respecting Ourselves

By not loving, accepting and respecting ourselves, we end up engaged in the futile practices of control and manipulation of the outside world in an endless attempt to fill the emptiness inside of us.

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When we don’t forgive inside of ourselves, we hold on to anger that causes us additional suffering.  A lot of the anger that we hold inside is on a very subconscious level.  It can date back to early childhood experiences.  It is usually a mental perception that we hold that someone “has wronged us” in the past. 

We might think in our minds that we have gotten over it, but most of the times, we end up rationalizing (within our minds) without ever experiencing the actual feelings inside of ourselves (Including the feelings in our heart that we all to often protect). 

When we begin to feel, we begin to heal ourselves of this anger we hold deep inside. 


Picture an event “in your mind’s eye” that you may find “disturbing”. 

Now sit with this and feel what is going on inside of yourself.

Do not be scared of these sensations.

Now, Imagine the person you perceived has wronged you. 

Now, try to put yourselves in their position. 

Imagine how they themselves may be suffering for things that have gone wrong in their lives.

Imagine how they may have taken out their own anger on you.

At first, try saying the words “I forgive you” many times out loud. 

Then, try to feel the process of “letting go” of the sensations of the anger within (without the use of words).

Now try to fully forgive them inside of yourself. 

Picture another event “in your mind’s eye” where you feel you may have wronged another or inflicted needless suffering on another. 

Can you see that many times that we do this because of our own internal suffering and it has little to do with what the other person has done

Now try to fully forgive ourselves.

This is a great exercise to start this process of healing inside of ourselves.

By feeling what’s inside of ourselves we slowly heal the inside of ourselves. 

We receive the gift of releasing the poison we drink by holding onto anger within ourselves. 

In the end, the only person that ends up suffering when we keep anger inside of ourselves, is ourselves. 

No one else gets to share that with us. 

This is why it’s very important to come to this realization. 

Forgiving within ourselves is one of the greatest medications.

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How Do We Heal Ourselves From Depression

As with all current psychiatry, scientists are looking only within the mind as the cause of mental suffering.

Depression has very little to do with a biochemical imbalance or an alteration in the immune system of the patient.

It has everything to do with the thoughts of the patient. 

A depressed patient is talking to themselves (they are in a “thought cycle”) all day long and telling themselves the following statements over and over again:  “I don’t feel well” . “I want to die”, “I hate myself”,  etc….

By staying in this “thought cycle”, they are subconsciously protecting themselves from confronting (feeling within themselves and forgiving within themselves) certain traumatic events that they may have experienced earlier in life. 

These events can date back to their very earliest memories as a child.

The patient’s mind will continue in this cycling pattern of thinking in order to protect themselves from re-experiencing the trauma. 

The psychiatric drugs are numbing the patient’s repetitive thoughts.

The best way to break this cyclic thought process of the mind is for the patient to “go back within themselves” and confront the very situation that they are trying to avoid. 

They must feel again.

This is going to the etiology of the problem. 

If their feelings are never confronted or experienced, they will not begin to heal. 

If they never forgive those that they have perceived to have wronged them or forgive themselves for what they perceive they have done wrong in their lives, they will not begin to heal.

By “avoiding themselves”, they will likely spend the remainder of their lives talking to themselves (thinking) about their problems, talking about their problems to other people (doctors included) or taking drugs or alcohol to numb their mind.

It is also important to note that the scientists studying depression are also subconsciously protecting themselves from confronting their feelings since they are breaking the process of feeling into an intellectual endeavor.



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