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The Solution to the Grand Unified Theory is Stillness of the Mind

Thoughts evolved to help us.

Not to reduce us to particles, theories, concepts and beliefs

Not to create our own suffering.


When our thinking minds quiet down.

We are at peace.

We are One with the Universe.

This is who we are.


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Think about it

How can we think we know the answer when that which we are using to think is part of the answer

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The Miracle is Now

The miracle will be not be coming down from the sky since its already here, within ourselves
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Love is always the answer


No matter what the question

The answer is always love
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Our minds learn the truth from our heart



The story of who we are, is in our mind

The truth of who we are, is in our heart
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Mordern Mental Health Science is a Collective Defense Mechanism



Modern mental health science is the collective intellectualization of human suffering

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The Buddhist Quote “When the Student is ready, The Teacher Will Appear” Explained



The Teacher the Buddha speaks of is the voice from our heart. 


What does it mean to trust ourselves.  Can we be so true to who we are that we can begin listening to ourselves.  Who are we listening to when we listen to ourselves.  How do we know what is right and wrong.  No one else but ourselves can know if we are being true to ourselves.

We all have a built in teacher.  This is the teacher that the Buddha is talking about.   Our teacher is the voice from our heart.  When we begin to shed our minds’ acquired ideas and beliefs of ourselves and begin to listen to our teacher within, we learn the truth of ourselves.  We were never separate from our surroundings, but rather, we were always woven into the universe itself with no separation.

We are the Universe.

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The Reflection

It is when we find love and peace inside of ourselves ,
that the world outside becomes love and peace


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That’s Life



Life is always the teacher

We are always the student

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Internal Forgiveness is Medicine that Only We Can Give to Ourselves

We are taught as children that to forgive is to say “I’m sorry” to the person that we had wronged.  We may also have been taught to ask God to forgive us for our sins.  Although there is some truth to this type of forgiveness, it has no long term benefits since it is an external action and this type of forgiveness occurs in the mind.

The more lasting action of forgiveness occurs deep inside of us, within our heart.  When we come to the realization that whoever has wronged us acted out not because of who we are, but rather because they acted out on their own internal suffering, we can begin to perform this “internal forgiveness” that releases internal anger that only effects us.

We can also perform “internal forgiveness” realizing that any action we took against another was likely secondary to our own internal suffering rather than being about the person we took the action against.  This releases internal guilt that only effects us.

Internal forgiveness is one of the greatest medications we can give ourselves.  We are the only ones that can give ourselves this medication.  No one else can perform internal forgiveness for us.

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Our True Self is No Self at All – Self is a Concept of the Mind

When we are awake, our minds are filled with ideas of who we are that we learned from the world around us.

When we fall asleep, our minds start to detach from these acquired thoughts and belief systems.  In this state, we return to our original being that is just pure existence.  This is why sleep is so peaceful.

We can become our true selves in the awake state when our minds drop our acquired thoughts and beliefs.  When we lose the idea of ourselves, the mental concept of self disappears and we discover the true being of ourselves that is free of preconceived ideas. We then become pure awareness, sensing without knowing.  This is the inner peace that is always available to us when we quiet our minds and live in the present moment.

We are that awareness.  The Universe has become aware through us.

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We are Life. Life is Now

We are all too busy with our lives, always going and doing and rarely being.  Our minds our always thinking about what happened before, or what is going to happen later with little attention payed to what is going on right before us.

Life happens now, always.  The more we can direct our minds attention to the life that is unfolding or manifesting before us each and a every moment, the more we are in life and the less we are in our minds.  By being fully present in life, we ourselves become life .  Life and Us merge into One.  We are life.  Life is now.

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