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Evolutionary Sense – The Voice in Our Head is not Us

Think about it

Thoughts evolved to help us survive, not to bring about our own suffering

We are not who we think we are

We are beings that think




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The Cure for Mental Illness – Dropping the Mental Story of Oneself

The cure for any labelled psychiatric state is knowing oneself beyond thought.
We are not who we think we are (egoic self), but rather, we have taken form from the universe itself (nondual nonself).
Throughout our life, our minds have acquired thoughts and beliefs
This is the story we tell ourselves
But, beyond the story is our truth
We were “born of the universe”.
We learn this from our heart
We can connect with our heart by quieting our thinking mind.
We can heal ourselves by forgiving and feeling within the being of ourselves outside of our thinking mind.
Our best medicine comes from within.
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Our minds’ pondering of the origins of the universe is analogous to figuring out our mother at the time of our birth

It’s anyones guess

Knowing in our heart that we are woven into the very universe we gaze upon takes away the guessing

We were all born of that universe which we gaze upon
We are all made of that universe we gaze upon
 Our thinking minds are composed of the elements that were forged in that universe we gaze upon
It is when our minds stop thinking about the universe, that we become the universe
The observer and the observed merge into one
We are the universe
The universe has become aware of itself through us
We find this, not in our mind, but in our HEART
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Have thoughts

Don’t let thoughts have you

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Our Heart has the Answer

There is no need for religion when we believe in our heart.

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There will never be another time

What Time is It?

The Answer is always NOW

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I is the 9th Letter in the Alphabet

It’s not who we are

We cannot be reduced to an I

Our identity is beyond thought

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