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Your realization is NOW

It is the thinking mind’s rejection or analysis of what is unfolding right now in this present moment that is creating suffering.

The formed thought based conceptual self dies when the mind drops all its acquired lifetime stories.

The true formless self then emerges as a pure unbiased field of awareness free of any preconceived notion.

This true self is inseparable from the universe it is woven into and therefore is not a self at all.

This is our true nature.

Free of thought.

Our original innocent childlike state.

Your realization is dependent on the acceptance of the “isness” of NOW.

This present moment is all we ever have.

We are presence.

We are NOW.

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Mind dualism vs Heart nondualism

The mind creates a conceptual you and a conceptual reality creating a separation (Dualism)

The heart unites you and reality into a oneness (Nondualism)

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We are the unknown

Knowing is false

Not knowing is truth

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Stop searching

The illness is in the mind’s search for its own illness

The illness stops when the search stops


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The road to eternity

When you attach to thought, you are only as good as your next thought

When you detach from thought, you become eternal

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“I AM” is just a thought

“I am” is a transient thought in the mind, not an identity.

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The Illusion of Form

Nobody knows because there is no body to know

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Self realization is the realization that there is no self

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The Knower

We can never know that which knows

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The Truth is Always Now

When we let go of beliefs of what the truth should be

We find that the truth is always right in front of us
In this moment
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