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The Illusion of Form

Nobody knows because there is no body to know

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Self realization is the realization that there is no self

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The Knower

We can never know that which knows

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The Truth is Always Now

When we let go of beliefs of what the truth should be

We find that the truth is always right in front of us
In this moment
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No Matter What We Think

with or without thought – the moment is always now

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We Find Our Own Answer In This Moment

No one else has our answer

We find that our answer has always been here and now

In this moment

Behind our thoughts

Pure Beingness

Pure Awareness

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Touche Descartes

I think, but I am not my thoughts

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Who are we?

We are not the voice we hear

We are the observer of the voice

We are the existence asking the question

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We are beyond thoughts

We are not defined by our thoughts, we are reduced by them
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Know not Knowing

Question: How is thought produced

(Hint: If you are thinking – you are cheating)
Answer: Unknowable (a thought of how thought is produced is not the answer since it’s just another thought.)
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Move the “e”

Be-lief is our mind
Be-life is who we are
We are Life
Life is now
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