What is one of the most important things we can do for ourselves to alleviate mental illness.

We can give ourselves the greatest “medication”.

We are the only ones that can give ourself this “medication”.

No doctor or pharmaceutical company could give us this “medication”.

What is this “medication” ?

This medication is forgiveness.

It is a common perception that forgiveness occurs outside of the us — that we ask someone to forgive us.

This is indeed a miss-perception.

We cure ourself of the toxic anger within by forgiving ourselves as well as anyone else that we perceive to have wronged us

In order to do this, we need to point the finger at ourself and then forgive ourself.

We  take responsibility for our own wrongdoings.

We realize many of our wrongdoings are  reflections of our own sufferings that we unconsciously take out on others.


I see ourselves in others and then we forgive others.

When the forgiveness is unconditional, it comes from the heart.

Anger held towards oneself or another only serves to create suffering.


If I am to prescribe the number one medicine to commence the journey towards the liberation of mental suffering…

I prescribe forgiveness.