Language can be useful, however it can also be reductive
When we ask ourself, “who am I?”, what are we asking?
Can language ever explain essence
Can “I” be composed of words
Can an instruction manual of words be used to reconstruct the “I” that we are
Can our mind figure out the “I” that we are?
There are no words to describe the “I” that we are
There are no words to describe the “self” that we are
In the end, the “I” is just our minds’ attempt to figure out what is ultimately unknowable
So who is “I”
“I” is a part of the whole of existence itself
“I” cannot be taken out of existence
“I” and “Existence” are ONE
Only our minds’  can separate two concepts called  “I” and “Existence”
There are no words available to accurately describe the “isness” of either “I” and “existence”
“isness” just is
 “I” is a part of this “isness”
“I” is simply our minds’ own creation