we “humans” are a part of the universe(s) itself
we “humans” are woven into its universal fabric
The words “humans, earth and moon” are our own mind’s creation
It is our naming of all things (including ourselves) that gives the illusion of separation
A “human” on the “moon” looks back at the “earth” and sees other “humans”
The “humans”  now appear as a part of the “universe” as seen from the moon
To the observer on the moon, “humans” now look just like other “celestial objects”
There is one “universe”, and “humans” are a part of it
The “universe” and “humans” are one
We are woven together
“Humans” cannot be removed from “Universe”
“Humans” are like celestial objects with minds
Again, It is our mind’s naming of things that gives us the illusion of separation