We are taught as children that to forgive is to say “I’m sorry” to the person that we had wronged.  We may also have been taught to ask God to forgive us for our sins.  Although there is some truth to this type of forgiveness, it has no long term benefits since it is an external action and this type of forgiveness occurs in the mind.

The more lasting action of forgiveness occurs deep inside of us, within our heart.  When we come to the realization that whoever has wronged us acted out not because of who we are, but rather because they acted out on their own internal suffering, we can begin to perform this “internal forgiveness” that releases internal anger that only effects us.

We can also perform “internal forgiveness” realizing that any action we took against another was likely secondary to our own internal suffering rather than being about the person we took the action against.  This releases internal guilt that only effects us.

Internal forgiveness is one of the greatest medications we can give ourselves.  We are the only ones that can give ourselves this medication.  No one else can perform internal forgiveness for us.