If you ask ME who I am, I will give you an answer who I think I am
If I ask YOU who I am, I will get another answer of who you think I am
So who is right?
The answer is neither of us are right!
I can’t figure myself out with my mind anymore than you can with your mind
I can think that I know myself, but than I am stuck with a bunch of thoughts or words that can never recreate the self that I am
Thoughts of who I am can never be the same as who I am
My mind would like to think it can figure me out, but I always end up with a mental interpretation
So in the end,
My mind’s or Your mind’s interpretation of who I am is not who I am
A mental interpretation is just a representation or a theory of who I am
A mind created theory of who I am is not who I am
Sorry mind, but you can never figure me out