It is when we come close to the end of our own lives, or we see the life of someone else get taken that we realize how precious life is.

We see how trivial some of our day to day problems are.

We see how close we are to one another.

We see why there is no reason to hate one another.

There is only a need to have love and compassion.

We must first have love and compassion for ourselves.

We must take care of ourselves, honor ourselves

We cannot rely on others to fill us with love that resides within.

We cannot expect someone else to gives us love since they may be looking to us to fill the same void.

When we love ourselves, we love another

When we are kind to ourselves, we are kind to others.

We do not have to wait for a near death experience to come to this realization.

We can do this now.

Now is the time to love.