Before you get out of bed in the morning, start your day with a 10-minute session of awareness.  The general idea is to take inventory of yourself.  Are there places within your body that are under tension?  Do you feel stimulated.? Does your head hurt?  Are you hungry?  Are you aware of any particular thoughts that are causing tension in your body?  Is your body reacting to the thoughts in your mind as if a real external threat were present?

Each area of the body that seems to be in need of attention, is where we bring our attention and mindfully experience the sensations involved where the body stress may be accumulating.  As our attention is guided toward each of these places, we direct nice deep healing breaths to each one of these places. 

If we continue to ignore our body’s natural intelligence, slowly but surely tension is held within these places of the body that may eventually evolve to give us physical health problems such as hypertension, heart disease, GI problems, stroke, autoimmune disease to name a few.

In order to heal ourselves, we must go beyond our thinking mind and into our being. 

With an approach that addresses both the mind and the being, true long lasting healing begins to occur.