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We are Not a Collection of Words

 An egoic sense of self is a collection of words, beliefs and concepts stored in our mind
“Name” “Job” “Human” “Father” “Mother” “She” “I” “Me” “Self” “Science” “Religion” “Brother”
We are not collection of words and beliefs
Our minds cannot grasp who we are
So who are “we”
“we” are a part of the “universe” itself
our mind REDUCES us concepts
BEYOND the mind (when all words, beliefs and concepts disappear) is the truth of who we are
we are woven into the essence of “reality” itself
Is there a word for this?
we are real, yet  unknowable
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Unknowable “I”

If you ask ME who I am, I will give you an answer who I think I am
If I ask YOU who I am, I will get another answer of who you think I am
So who is right?
The answer is neither of us are right!
I can’t figure myself out with my mind anymore than you can with your mind
I can think that I know myself, but than I am stuck with a bunch of thoughts or words that can never recreate the self that I am
Thoughts of who I am can never be the same as who I am
My mind would like to think it can figure me out, but I always end up with a mental interpretation
So in the end,
My mind’s or Your mind’s interpretation of who I am is not who I am
A mental interpretation is just a representation or a theory of who I am
A mind created theory of who I am is not who I am
Sorry mind, but you can never figure me out
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Human on the Moon

we “humans” are a part of the universe(s) itself
we “humans” are woven into its universal fabric
The words “humans, earth and moon” are our own mind’s creation
It is our naming of all things (including ourselves) that gives the illusion of separation
A “human” on the “moon” looks back at the “earth” and sees other “humans”
The “humans”  now appear as a part of the “universe” as seen from the moon
To the observer on the moon, “humans” now look just like other “celestial objects”
There is one “universe”, and “humans” are a part of it
The “universe” and “humans” are one
We are woven together
“Humans” cannot be removed from “Universe”
“Humans” are like celestial objects with minds
Again, It is our mind’s naming of things that gives us the illusion of separation
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I used to think that love was something that I could only acquire from outside of myself
Ever since I was a little boy, I remember performing activities to gain the love and approval of others
Whether it be my parents or the significant others in my life
This same theme of acquiring love and affection from outside of myself carried on into my adult life
So what is different now?
I now know that I must love myself first
Now that I truly love myself, I can extend my love to others
The force that permeates throughout the “universe” (of which “I” am a part of)  is LOVE
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Asking Ourselves: How can “I” be an “I”

Language can be useful, however it can also be reductive
When we ask ourself, “who am I?”, what are we asking?
Can language ever explain essence
Can “I” be composed of words
Can an instruction manual of words be used to reconstruct the “I” that we are
Can our mind figure out the “I” that we are?
There are no words to describe the “I” that we are
There are no words to describe the “self” that we are
In the end, the “I” is just our minds’ attempt to figure out what is ultimately unknowable
So who is “I”
“I” is a part of the whole of existence itself
“I” cannot be taken out of existence
“I” and “Existence” are ONE
Only our minds’  can separate two concepts called  “I” and “Existence”
There are no words available to accurately describe the “isness” of either “I” and “existence”
“isness” just is
 “I” is a part of this “isness”
“I” is simply our minds’ own creation
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The Answer Within

I used to think that I can figure myself out with the thoughts in my mind

This is a tall feat when one considers the complexity of a human being

Combine this with trying to figure out the universe around you

My ideas of who I was, or what the universe was were certainly my own

If I asked another person, I got another response

In the end,  I was stuck with nothing more than differences in thoughts or beliefs which are contained within each individual’s mind (including my own)

So, how did I figure myself out?

By no longer trying to figure myself out

I remained completely still

I listened to the voice of consciousness itself

The voice that permeates throughout the so-called named “universe”, which “I” (along with all others whether they are aware of it, or not) are woven into

So, just like the Tao, so am “I”

The “I” that can be named is not the “I” that “I” am

“I” am not the “I” that  “I” think “I” am

“I” am a part of the entirety of “existence” itself

“I” am unknowable

“I” am unnamable

I found this answer within myself

The answer is also inside of you

It’s in our heart


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Forgiveness is the Natural Mental Health “Medication”

What is one of the most important things we can do for ourselves to alleviate mental illness.

We can give ourselves the greatest “medication”.

We are the only ones that can give ourself this “medication”.

No doctor or pharmaceutical company could give us this “medication”.

What is this “medication” ?

This medication is forgiveness.

It is a common perception that forgiveness occurs outside of the us — that we ask someone to forgive us.

This is indeed a miss-perception.

We cure ourself of the toxic anger within by forgiving ourselves as well as anyone else that we perceive to have wronged us

In order to do this, we need to point the finger at ourself and then forgive ourself.

We  take responsibility for our own wrongdoings.

We realize many of our wrongdoings are  reflections of our own sufferings that we unconsciously take out on others.


I see ourselves in others and then we forgive others.

When the forgiveness is unconditional, it comes from the heart.

Anger held towards oneself or another only serves to create suffering.


If I am to prescribe the number one medicine to commence the journey towards the liberation of mental suffering…

I prescribe forgiveness.


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