“We” are aware of our existence
“We” are woven into this “Universe(s)”
The “Universe(s)” itself is therefore aware of its own existence through us
“We” and the “Universe(s)” are ONE
Maybe the new self aware universe can be called “WeNiverse”?!
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“I” am “Existence”

When “I” talk or think, “I call myself “I”
How can “I” be an “I”?
What is an “I”?
Is an “I” separate from the “existence” that  surrounds me?
Can “I” take myself out of existence itself?
An “I” is what “I” call myself
Clearly, “I” cannot be just an “I”
“I” am composed of too many named “parts” (Eyes, Ears, Nose, Electrons, Protons, Quarks, Neutrinos, Photons….)
All these parts are created by the mind
More and more “parts” are created by the minds of society every day
 “I” is a mind created societal name
“I” is woven into “existence”
“I” is a mental concept
“I” am “real”, but “I” am a part of “existence”
“I” and “existence” are one
There is no “self” and “other”
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