“Why” “do” “I” “place” “quotation” “marks” “around” “language” “which” “is” “composed” “of” “words”
It is because language is reductive
What language could describe the “Truth”
Language can only reduce the “Truth” into words
Words like “I”; “Universe(s)”:”me”;”you”;”black hole”; “electron”; etc.  are mental concepts
A mental concept is an interpretation
Each individual has their own mental interpretation
“I” therefore use “quotes” since the “Truth” is beyond words
“We” are a part of this “Truth”
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All language (including labels) is reductive
Labels are created by the mind
Take the mind created label “Human”
No two “Humans” are identical
I am labeled “Human” and you are labeled “Human”
We are different
Beyond language is the truth
We find this in our heart
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