The Answer Within

I used to think that I can figure myself out with the thoughts in my mind

This is a tall feat when one considers the complexity of a human being

Combine this with trying to figure out the universe around you

My ideas of who I was, or what the universe was were certainly my own

If I asked another person, I got another response

In the end,  I was stuck with nothing more than differences in thoughts or beliefs which are contained within each individual’s mind (including my own)

So, how did I figure myself out?

By no longer trying to figure myself out

I remained completely still

I listened to the voice of consciousness itself

The voice that permeates throughout the so-called named “universe”, which “I” (along with all others whether they are aware of it, or not) are woven into

So, just like the Tao, so am “I”

The “I” that can be named is not the “I” that “I” am

“I” am not the “I” that  “I” think “I” am

“I” am a part of the entirety of “existence” itself

“I” am unknowable

“I” am unnamable

I found this answer within myself

The answer is also inside of you

It’s in our heart