“Why” “do” “I” “place” “quotation” “marks” “around” “language” “which” “is” “composed” “of” “words”
It is because language is reductive
What language could describe the “Truth”
Language can only reduce the “Truth” into words
Words like “I”; “Universe(s)”:”me”;”you”;”black hole”; “electron”; etc.  are mental concepts
A mental concept is an interpretation
Each individual has their own mental interpretation
“I” therefore use “quotes” since the “Truth” is beyond words
“We” are a part of this “Truth”
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Losing Our Mind

The phrase “losing our mind” is normally associated with “going insane”
However, there is another “losing our mind”
We “lose our mind” when we surrender our societal beliefs
We then hear our truth from the voice within our heart
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All language (including labels) is reductive
Labels are created by the mind
Take the mind created label “Human”
No two “Humans” are identical
I am labeled “Human” and you are labeled “Human”
We are different
Beyond language is the truth
We find this in our heart
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