“We” are aware of our existence
“We” are woven into this “Universe(s)”
The “Universe(s)” itself is therefore aware of its own existence through us
“We” and the “Universe(s)” are ONE
Maybe the new self aware universe can be called “WeNiverse”?!
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Grand Unified Theory

Everyone has a theory about the universe
My theory is simple
we are woven into it
Therefore, when we see the universe, we see ourselves
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We Are Up in the Sky

When we look up in the sky into the Universe(s) around us, what are we looking at?
Are we looking at substances called stars, clouds, moons, planets, black holes….?
We are forged of these very substances we gaze upon!
So what are we looking at?
We are looking at ourselves.
The Universe is alive.
“We” and the “Universe” are ONE
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Our Buddha Within

One may wonder the cure for Mental Illness
How is the cure figured it out
We figure by “un-figuring”
We surrender every idea and become empty
We fill ourselves with the voice of consciousness that permeates throughout the universe
The universal voice of consciousness is our teacher
We have this voice in our hearts
This voice becomes our teacher when we are ready
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We are Not a Collection of Words

 An egoic sense of self is a collection of words, beliefs and concepts stored in our mind
“Name” “Job” “Human” “Father” “Mother” “She” “I” “Me” “Self” “Science” “Religion” “Brother”
We are not collection of words and beliefs
Our minds cannot grasp who we are
So who are “we”
“we” are a part of the “universe” itself
our mind REDUCES us concepts
BEYOND the mind (when all words, beliefs and concepts disappear) is the truth of who we are
we are woven into the essence of “reality” itself
Is there a word for this?
we are real, yet  unknowable
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